An Inspired School

The modern on-site facilities include:

  • Library
  • ICT centre
  • Science laboratories
  • Music rooms
  • Art studios
  • Multi-purpose sports surfaces
  • Gymnasium
  • Interactive whiteboards are available in all classrooms
  • Outdoor classrooms

Our facilities are comprised of two buildings. The one on Calle Salvia 26, is dedicated to Early Years Education, and the other on Paseo de Alcobendas 5, is for Primary and Secondary. The two buildings are on the same block, around the corner from each other. From the 2022 – 2023 academic year, Year 3 and subsequently Year 4 will move into the site on Calle Salvia eventually meaning that students move site at the end of year 4. 

The Infant campus is brand new and welcomes our youngest students, from Pre-Nursery (2 years) to Year 2 (6 years), with dedicated classrooms and common areas adapted for learning in the first school years (Early Years and Key Stage 1) and includes an indoor pool. We firmly believe that the experiences gained during the first years are fundamental for the development of the little ones, and for this reason we have created a familiar and safe environment with each classroom being provided with key spaces in which children can develop independently.  Additional information can be found on New Infant Campus.

After their academic journey in the Infant campus, our students access the Primary and Secondary campus.

The well-equipped Foundation Stage classrooms (Nursery and Reception) come complete with independent bathrooms and direct access to play areas. Our Lower and Upper School classrooms are located on the first and second floors and are bright and spacious with attractive, modern school furniture. The Infant playground (known as The Garden) has high-quality play equipment and safety surfaces. We also have a covered patio with a safety surface, which is used all year round and is particularly useful in inclement weather.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are purpose-built and designed to give our students the best possible environment in which to learn, and develop skills needed for the 21st Century. The IT suite in the new block comprises of 30 desktop computers, Interactive Smartboard and 3D printer to allow students studying for Computer Science, ICT or Media to use the latest technology in lessons. All computers are installed with the latest versions of Industry Standard software including the Abode Creative Suite of applications and Office software.

The Music Department is equipped with two age specific teaching spaces as well as a suite of practice rooms for individual instrumental and theory lessons, and a main stage with stage curtains and surround sound running though a live mixing desk. The recent addition of a Primary Music room ensures that the younger pupils are taught in a specialised space that allows them to explore sound and learn technique using a wide variety of percussion and ukuleles. The Secondary Music Room is better catered for the older students where they can further develop their musical skills on keyboards, guitars and drum kit. Laptop computers are available for GCSE and AGT students running industry standard Sibelius and Cubase software to aid composition and many strings, woodwind and brass instruments can be hired from the music department for those looking for the right instrument to learn. ABRSM exams are offered to all those involved in the Music School individual tuition program and many pupils use their musicianship to take part in the various orchestras, choirs and rock bands on offer.

ICT Equipment

ICT Equipment

Every classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards and wi-fi internet connection.  This is supplemented across the school by 3 trolleys of age-appropriate laptops, that pupils can use in all subjects.

King’s College School, La Moraleja has a dedicated ICT suite where pupils can work individually and ICT classes are timetabled in this room, once a week, from year 5.

Senior students are encouraged to view computers as tools for learning in all subject areas.



Physical education forms an integral part of the curriculum at the school and is also a major area of extracurricular activity. At King’s College School we aim to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where pupils can develop technically, tactically, physically and socially.

It is considered a healthy way to develop pupils’ physical competence and confidence. It also promotes physical skillfulness, physical development and knowledge of the body in action.

Physical education provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals and in groups and teams. It promotes positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles.

More opportunities for sport become available as pupils progress through the school, and there is a wide range of extra-curricular and optional classes available to students. Sports activities are also available to all students at break times.

We have developed a partnership with the municipality of Alcobendas to use Polideportivo Jose Caballero for offsite PE lessons for students in years 7 and above. Students have access to state of the art indoor and outdoor facilities.



Creative Development focuses on stimulating children’s imagination and their ability to communicate and express ideas and feelings in a creative way. The school has a dedicated Art Room, that allows pupils to participate in activities using a variety of techniques and media to create their work.

Younger children are encouraged to be creative, no matter how messy and noisy it gets. They learn about colour and shapes by mixing paints and cutting up paper. We encourage them to be creative, have fun and improves their ability to socialise with others.


Science Lab

The school offers three well-equipped science laboratories – one each for biology, chemistry and physics. Each laboratory is equipped with a Smart Board, gas taps, fume cupboard and a subject specialist equipment. The is also a preparation room.