The School’s HPL journey began in Term 1 of the 2018 – 2019 with the development of our HPL road map. We started with a formal introduction; this led to experimentation and productive collaboration of how best to explicitly teach to our students and a HPL Register of Resources.

We have created the roles of 5 HPL Student Ambassadors and afterwards we moved towards the development of teacher’s pedagogical knowledge and skills along with general classroom practice.

At its heart, High Performance Learning is a pedagogy-led approach. The ACPs and VAAs provide a clear structure for student development within schools’ individual visions, contexts and curricula. Meanwhile, the seven supportive pillars help schools create a climate for success. The approach reinforces the professionalism of classroom teachers, while addressing what can be done at the whole-school level to optimise learning opportunities, individual support and personal motivation.

Testimonial Quote

Over the last 2 years HPL has been implemented in our school. It started as a concept that everyone just mentions at times in lessons to a big part of our learning. HPL has changed the way we learn. We do all the same subjects and topics, but we think about how we will use it in real life. Personally, I think this prepares us for real life. We are not going to be asked in real life whether we know a math equation or if we know the first 20 elements in the periodic table, but we will use everything we learn right now. It helps us understand how we will use concepts we use in everyday life in real-life scenarios.

Ishita, School
Testimonial Quote

HPL has completely changed our school for the two years that it has been implemented here. It was a big shift from our original lessons as it got implemented into every lesson. It uses specific terms to describe how we learn and why it affects us as students. The terms we use in school are supposed to transition into real life as we get older so that we know how everything works. HPL makes us plan before we make a move and so makes us more ready for whatever we are doing. There were a few challenges when originally implementing HPL, but after a few terms of learning with it, it has been integrated into our lifestyle. It is now successfully implemented across the whole school, from nursery, all the way up.

Shivan, School
Testimonial Quote

HPL has been the best and most unique feature in this school, which hopefully will follow us for the rest of our school years. Even though it has been only 2 years since it was introduced, it has made our school continue being the best in Madrid. Every part of this learning process improves one part of our lives and could even help in challenging classes. Not only that, it also improves the ability to socialise outside of school. Personally, I think that HPL has shown the better part of all of us; most people haven’t been able to show their linking, analysing or way of thinking in other places, while we even explain how we use HPL by using it!

Vihan, School