An Inspired School

King's College La Moraleja are proud to be the first school in Spain to become accredited as a High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School.

What is HPL?


King's College La Moraleja are proud to be the first school in Spain to become accredited as a High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School.

“I wanted to take La Moraleja from being a small but successful and rapidly growing school and transform it into a world class school that has a reputation for being highly academic, whilst retaining its caring family atmosphere. HPL links in with my beliefs about what skills and behaviours are needed by young people and has helped develop both our staff and students into competent practitioners of teaching and learning.

We identified the HPL accreditation scheme as something that reflected the school’s philosophy of being ‘at the forefront of British education’, whilst providing a framework to move the school from ‘Excellent’ to World Class”.

June Donnan, Headteacher


This means that at the heart of all our teaching is a belief system and research-based, pedagogical approach which sees every individual child in our care as a potential high performer, enabled to find their ability. Through HPL, each student’s hidden talent or innate skill is discovered and developed on their own terms until they achieve success.

What is HPL (High Performance Learning)?

HPL is designed for universality, and fits all schools, any age and any country. Working together with schools and teachers, HPL improves education and delivers high performance for the many, not the few. It is a system that recognises that children take varying lengths of time to achieve high performance levels. Through a unique teaching and learning framework, young minds can be systematically developed over time, enabling improvements in cognitive skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed for a successful life.

The HPL approach raises self-esteem in our students and teachers alike; together, working in partnership, the process enables our school to know how exactly how to help each individual so that they become empowered to reach success on their own terms.

HPL is good for our students and school life

At King's College La Moraleja we can offer our students better ways to achieve happier, more rounded lives, than most other schools in the region. We are not only a British and International school providing a British education to children from 18 months to 18 years, but we are also one of the only two schools in Spain to be recognised as an HPL world class school.

“Over the last 2 years HPL has been implemented in our school. It started as a concept that everyone just mentions at times in lessons to a big part of our learning. HPL has changed the way we learn. We do all the same subjects and topics, but we think about how we will use it in real life. Personally, I think this prepares us for real life. We are not going to be asked in real life whether we know a math equation or if we know the first 20 elements in the periodic table, but we will use everything we learn right now. It helps us understand how we will use concepts we use in everyday life in real-life scenarios.”

— Student, King´s College La Moraleja